Your purchase fights slavery and funds anti-trafficking efforts in Asia.

The Shop for Freedom is a campaign of Justice Ventures International. All proceeds directly support the women who make these products and help fund JVI’s legal anti-trafficking initiatives in India, Nepal, and China. Your purchase helps sustain freedom for women once held trapped in the sex trade.

Justice Ventures International

How We Fight Trafficking

– Our 4 Key Focus Areas –

Legal Case Work Support

JVI helps secure justice for victims of forced labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and other horrific forms of injustice through legal case work support services.

Human Rights Training

Empowering the oppressed and vulnerable through human rights trainings.

JVI exists to secure freedom, justice & restoration for the poor & oppressed by strengthening ventures that promote justice.

Rights-Based Advocacy

Advancing changes in the public justice system and government through rights-based advocacy.

Strengthening Justice Organizations

Ensuring sustained freedom, justice, and restoration for the vulnerable by strengthening freedom businesses and other justice organizations.

Why Justice?

Justice is essential to ensure a  prosperous and fair society for all.

Justice includes:

  • Rescue and restoration for victims of injustice.
  • Accountability and, where possible, restoration for perpetrators of injustice.
  • Transformation of unjust systems, so that all people may live in a society where human dignity is respected.

Fight injustice. Support the work of Justice Ventures International.

Purchases from the Shop for Freedom fight slavery and create beauty.